Rating: 3.0

There is a relatable normalcy to the story being told here.  It's a simple story that happens every day in every town across America.  It's the coming of age, not just of an individual but of the passion that goes on to define that individual.  And I appreciate that, by juxtaposition, McConnell cannot separate where he came from and his matured passion as a "music man."

Rating: 1.9

Originally perceived as country music, this guy fits into the singer songwriter genre somehow. Theres nothing original nor does it pay any kind of regarded homage. It'd fit neatly into some kind of formulaic pop nashville station and I can see people singing along but not me. nah.

Rating: 2.05

I drive north a few times a year, spending hours at a time in a car, scanning the radio. More than a few times, I've hit the religious "rock" channel, and listened intently until all of a sudden, without warning, the singer drops in a "ALLLLLMIGHTY GAWWWWWDDDD!!!". At that moment, my wife and I look at each other and go, "Dammit! Is this the God channel? Fooled again!". With not only the blatant religious references, but the tempo and progression, this song could be on that channel. It's in a new genre I've just called "Undercover God Rock".

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